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Generated 40% of Black Friday Sales Through Emails

133% Increased Email Sales & Revenue

Increase List Growth By 30%

Over $15,000,000 in trackable revenue for brands just like yours.

Klaviyo's number 1 partner agency for clients acquired & revenue generated

We've never lost our clients money. We guarantee a return on investment, or your money back

Of clients increase their email marketing revenue within their first 6 months

What to expect when working with us

You can expect a complete hands-off, "rest easy" solution, knowing that your email marketing is maximized & your revenue is growing every single day. As a business owner, you should focus on one to two things that makes your business grow & everything else should be outsourced.

We know you don't have the time to learn email marketing. We know that you don't want to lose your focus on what you're already crushing at. And we certainly know that you don't want to be leaving thousands of dollars on the table every single day without email marketing.

So What's the Solution?

E2 Agency.

We will take email marketing entirely off your hands, handling the tech, design, copy-writing, planning & execution of your brand's email marketing campaigns. That means when it comes to Valentine's day, mother's day, Black Friday or whatever holiday period it is, you don't need to think about writing those boring, tedious emails... E2 has you covered.


Create Lifelong Customers - On Auto-Pilot!

When email is done correctly, it can turn non-buyers into lifelong customers. And when you work with E2, you aren’t just getting emails. You’re getting the cumulative experience that we’ve developed through split-testing thousands of different emails.

In short, you get full access to our expertise which has generated over $15,000,000 in trackable sales! Tap into the wealth of knowledge we offer, and get help with:

  • Email Copy
  • Template Design
  • Trigger Integration and Optimization
  • Campaign and Broadcast Email Strategy
  • Developing a Messenger / Chatbot Strategy that complements your emails

Targeting Based On Your Customer’s Behavioural Psychology

The core secret to E2’s success is the system that allows us to send:

  • - The right message
  • - To the right customer
  • - At the right time

Instead of blindly sending emails to everyone on your list, we send emails to targeted sub-groups in your list (i.e. segments). These segments are based on how the customer has interacted with your brand.

For example, if a customer is at risk of churn - E2’s system automatically detects this and immediately begins a sequence of emails that have been specifically written to win back this customer.

Best of all, you won’t have to lift a finger. Leave it in our capable hands and we will construct the right email marketing strategy for your brand!

You Deserve At Least 20% More Email Revenue - Here’s How E2 Will Help You Get It

At E2, we’ve developed a system that explodes sales for every single eCommerce brand we’ve come across. Through thousands of split tests and millions of emails sent… We’ve perfected it into a repeatable process that has generated over $15,000,000 in trackable sales.

Here’s how we can apply this breakthrough system for your business:

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Broadcast Email Strategy Based On Key Events

We’ll help craft the right offer for your audience, write the emails for you in your brand-voice... And even design the templates!

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Lead-Generation Optimization

We’ll go through how you are currently generating leads for your business and show you how to optimize them for higher conversions and better quality leads.

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Messenger / Chatbot Sequence Strategy

We view your entire marketing strategy as a whole. The marketing messages in your emails will work seamlessly with your Chatbots.


If E2 does not get your brand a return on investment we will refund you 100% of the money back

Terms and conditions apply

How Elite Supplements Are Now Generating 30% Of Their Revenue… Solely From Email!

After implementing E2’s strategies, Elite Supplements went from 16% to 30%+ revenue from emails (i.e. at least 30% of their total revenues is being generated solely through email!).

“I can’t express what a massive difference this makes for an eCommerce business… Having the backend automated has allowed us to spend so much more on our media buying.”
-Matt Orlic | Elite Supplements, Inspire Brands

Discover their full story here, and find out how you too, can generate at least 30% of revenues with email.

Proven expertise with leading marketing tools

Our lifecycle marketing team has extensive experience using the best tools available for converting customers and increasing customer lifetime value (LTV).