How Elite Supplements Are Now
Generating 30% Of Their Revenue…
Solely From Email!

“We started working with Jason (E2) around 90 days ago… Since then we’ve seen an uplift of 17% in revenue just from email… Now we’re over 30%”

“I can’t express what a massive difference this makes for an eCommerce business… Having the backend automated has allowed us to spend so much more on our media buying.”


  • 16,500% increase in email sequence revenue within the first month
  • $65,080.65 in sales with 3 emails
  • Broke the 30% “revenue from emails” benchmark (i.e. at least 30% of their total revenues is being generated solely through email)

Matt Orlic
Elite Supplements | Inspire Brands

Elite Supplements Were Already Doing Well… Why Did They Need Us?

When Elite Supplements (ES) first came to us, they were already doing quite well. Email accounted for around 16% of total revenue.

But they weren’t satisfied. ES knew that they could do better with the right emails. Plus, the founders at Elite Supplements wanted to take email off their hands so they could focus on growing other parts of their business.

Elite Supplements wanted their email strategy on auto-pilot, and they wanted big results.

So they gave us a challenge…

To help them break the 30% email revenue benchmark!

At E2, we love a good challenge, so...

Challenge accepted.

To Begin With, We Devised A Blockbuster Strategy To Kick Off Their Email Campaigns With A Bang

Our initial analysis revealed that there were specific areas that were “weak links.”

In Elite Supplement’s case, we saw that their email capture process could be improved significantly, as well as their email sequences.

What’s a email sequence?

Simply, it’s an automated set of emails that are sent out that’s triggered on a certain event (such as filling in a lead capture form on your website).

We knew we could improve Elite Supplement’s email capture process with different software, better copy and attention-grabbing design.

Plus, we overhauled their email sequences completely, using the fool-proof email system we’ve developed at E2 through thousands of split-tests.

The results?

Their email sequences went from $0.70 per receipt…

To a whopping $11.55 per receipt in their first month!

That’s a 16.5 times increase over their original email sequences!

This means, for every person that entered this sequence... Elite Supplements were making $11.55 in sales PER email!

Just think about how many email names you have on your list right now…

And multiply that by $11.55.

This is the kind of result Elite Supplements were able to get with the right emails (and imagine how much more you could spend on acquiring each customer with these automated email sequences!)

But this was just the beginning. Using our email broadcast strategy, we were able to pull...

$24,856.51 With Just One Email?
Yup, We Started With A BANG!

With E2’s behavioural segmentation and email strategy, Elite Supplements were off to the races.

It turns out that their email list was starved for great content and deals.

You see, when you have a great business… Your subscribers WANT to hear from you!

They want your content and they want your products!

That’s why by sending the right emails to the right people…

We were able to achieve results like this:

Each of these screenshots above represent the sales pulled by a single email. In total, these 3 emails alone generated $65,080.65 in sales.

Plus... We’re happy to say that we’ve completed the challenge Elite Supplements gave us and achieved 30%+ revenue with email!

(Data from past 90 days. 31% revenue from email alone!)

Why E2’s Emails Look Different

To your right, you’ll see some samples of the emails we’ve created for Elite Supplements.

You may have noticed that our emails look very different from most other eCommerce emails you’ll see on the internet.

We don’t do graphics-heavy emails -- instead we use powerful psychological “buying” triggers, written in the voice of the brand. And as you can see from the results above, these have been very effective.

Of course, great images and graphics have their place (in fact, the right images will bump conversion rates). But our philosophy is -- every element inside an email must EARN its place in terms of sales.

If a graphic does not help the reader get closer to their buying decision... we won’t add it. This includes the copy (text) we use in these emails. Every word and image must justify itself in sales.

This is how we are able to


a return on your investment. But more on this later...

Elite Supplements Now Makes 30% Of Their Revenue From Email Alone!

When Elite Supplements first came to us, their revenue from email was hovering at around 15-17%. But with E2’s systems and email marketing strategies - they’ve broken the 30% benchmark and have grown rapidly over the past 12 months!

They had some comments about working with E2:

“We started working with Jason (E2) around 90 days ago… Since then we’ve seen an uplift of 17% in revenue just from email… Now we’re over 30%”

“I can’t express what a massive difference this makes for an eCommerce business… Having the backend automated has allowed us to spend so much more on our media buying.”

Matt Orlic Testimonial from Jason K Williamson on Vimeo.

“We have several 8-figure eCommerce brands and we’ve implemented his (E2’s) whole automation system for all our eComm brands now and we’ve seen the same results. So it’s super consistent no matter what industry…”

“I can only highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to possibly outsource email marketing… Or looking to implement his (E2’s) system.”

Elite Supplements had blockbuster advertising campaigns, a hungry list of customers and amazing products. The only missing ingredient was better emails -- which we were happy to oblige!

You Could Be Next...

Would you like to explode your sales and grow rapidly like Elite Supplements have?

If so, you MUST utilize email more effectively.

Of course, you could go at it yourself and get some “okay” results like Elite Supplements had.

But doesn’t it make sense to outsource email to a specialist with a proven track record to maximize sales?

This way you can free up your time to focus on other important aspects of growing your business.

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For every client we bring on-board, E2 guarantees a significant ROI on the resources you invest in us.

For example, unless you’re ecstatic about the sales we’re bringing you through email… Even if it has been several months… We’ll refund every penny back, including prior months!

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We’ve taken on all the risk to ensure that you can work with us with zero stress and zero risk.

The only reason we can offer such an outrageous guarantee is because we have absolute confidence in the system we’ve developed over the years. It has brought in blockbuster sales for every brand we’ve worked with, no matter the industry!

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